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The process of making these drawings involves the discovery of what marks, values, colors and textures relate to one another through the shuffling of layers. The marks are inspired by maps, charts and diagrams. The idea of documenting space and organizing data seems rooted in who we are. In addition, I find the implications of such desires fascinating. The layers are symbolic of time.

drawing, layers, window, ice, weather
Graphite on trace paper
10" x 10"
drawing, colored pencil, layers, maps, landscape,
Colored pencil, graphite on trace paper
12" x 20"
islands, drawing, pencil, trace paper, layers, tracing paper, maps
Graphite on trace paper
14" x 14"
drawing, ink, mechanical pencil, trace paper, tracing paper, maps, ocean, nature, landscape
Graphite, ink on trace paper
14' x 16"
drawing, maps, satellites, ink, trace paper, tracing paper, layers, landscape
Ink, graphite on trace paper
20" x 20"
sea, map, ocean, ink, pencil, graphite, maps, layers, landscape, drawing
Graphite, ink on trace paper
14" x 22"
map, mountains, landscape, pencil, colored pencil, layers
Colored pencil, graphite on trace paper
19" x 19"
Gray Passaages
Graphite, colored pencil, trace paper
9" x 9"