Laura Mongiovi

My work investigates origins related to sensual desire. Our need to touch, see, hear, taste and smell has associations with ritual. Rituals offer comfort, validate beliefs and represent a culture. Origins of resources and processes to satisfy sensual desire are of great interest to me. In the beginning our sensual needs were simple and basic. As time progressed we expanded beyond our immediate surroundings. Our longing for sensual gratification allowed us to seek and discover. Various cultures began to place high value on material acquisitions. Ancient cultures sought and created spaces, objects, garments and food to satisfy their sensual desires. Later, sensual desire created social structures. Although we continue to fulfill sensual desire in contemporary culture, historical details are most appealing to me. Ideas about desire and space that transcend time offer moments of reflection and generate meaning. My work blends personal experience with historical knowledge. I strive to make work that offers opportunity for discovery and contemplation.

Laura Mongiovi is an Associate Professor of Art and Design at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. She received a BFA from Florida State University and an MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Laura exhibits her work nationally including solo exhibitions, juried and group shows. She teaches across the curriculum at Flagler College and presents her teaching pedagogy at national conferences. Laura guest lectures about her work and leads workshops.