Laura Mongiovi is an Associate Professor of Art and Design at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. She has an MFA from University of Colorado, Boulder and a BFA from Florida State University.

Mongiovi's work investigates origins and historical details related to the senses. She is curious about what motivates us to seek fulfillment of the senses. Coveted objects, the allure of color and texture, tantalizing sensations of the palate and desire to create space for reflection and grandeur influence paradigms of commerce, culture and science. Mongiovi questions the connections between impulse and existence. She searches for explanations regarding ritual and necessity. Mongiovi's work pays homage to historical facts while alluding to personal experience.

Mongiovi exhibits her work nationally including solo exhibitions, juried and group shows. She teaches across the curriculum at Flagler College and presents her teaching pedagogy at national conferences. Mongiovi guest lectures about her work and leads workshops.