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I see maps as precious objects – a portable source of information needed to find the way. Items obtained on the journey are collected, documented and displayed. I find comfort in the fact that we are constantly documenting, keeping track of what we do. The past is recorded and there is a continuous cycle of discovering it.

metallic thread, silk thread, felt, stitching, maps, French knots
Felt, thread
16" x 12"
Felt, dye, thread, silver leaf, air dry porcelain clay
12" x 13" x 1"
anatomy, map, bone, dye, fiber, stitch, sew
Cotton, dye, thread, ink, air dry porcelain clay
10" x 8" x 1"
fiber, textile, sewing, gold thread, chart, moon
Felt, dye, thread, faux fur, ink
4" x 6"
Driving South
Felt, ink, thread
14" x 19"