Gallery > The Grass Is Blue

Left - I Don’t Never Have To Ask Them To Honor Something
Wood, flocking, yarn.
Title from Frank X. Walker poem “Murphy’s Secret”.
24” Length x 10” Width x 13” Tall
Kentucky History: Horse racing built with the talents and labors of African Americans. White men take over the racing industry.

Center - Fighting Battles On This Once Sacred Ground
Faux fur, wood, air dry clay.
Title from bell hooks poem #9
31” Length x 16” Width x 3” Tall
Kentucky History: Land claimed during Colonialism.

Right - Searching For Sacred Paths
Sequins, yarn.
Title from bell hooks poem #36
50”width x 98” height x approx. 12 inches deep (floor element)
Kentucky History: Trade between Indigenous Peoples as well as with colonists.

Corner - Run Run
Mirrors, wood, paint, text
Words from bell hooks poem #37
Kentucky History: Slavery