Gallery > The Grass Is Blue

Foreground - This Wilderness Within
Faux fur, wood.
Title from bell hooks poem #7
16.5” Length x 13.5” Width x 3” Tall
Kentucky History: Indigenous Peoples living on the land before Colonialism.

Back Left - No Right To Own Or Possess
Faux fur, wood, yarn, magnets.
Title from bell hooks poem #5
20” Diameter, 23” Tall
Kentucky History: Dominance of European settlers.

Back Center - Claimed Union With The Earth
Title from bell hooks poem #5
45” wide x 56” height x 5” deep
Kentucky History: The significance of hair and sweet grass among Indigenous Peoples.

Back Right - As You Climb Steep Mountain Paths
Yarn, air dry clay.
Title from bell hooks poem #23
39” x 30” x 3”
Kentucky History: Ordovician Period.