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On the wall, left to right.

Searching For Sacred Paths
Sequins, yarn.
Title from bell hooks poem #36
50”width x 98” height x approx. 12 inches deep (floor element)
Kentucky History: Trade between Indigenous Peoples as well as with colonists.

From Schoolhouse To White House
Wood, tassels, flocking, yarn.
Title from Alice Allison Dunnigan’s autobiography
58” width x 76” height x approx. 12” depth (floor elements)
Kentucky History: Honors Alice Allison Dunnigan, first African-American female correspondent in the White House and member of the Senate and House of Representative press galleries.

Crossing Boundaries Of Nation And Time
Faux fur, yarn, air dry clay, nail polish.
Title from bell hooks poem #36
70” width x 66” height x approx. 12” deep (element on floor)
Kentucky History: Trail of Tears