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Yellow Tears
Fabric, glass beads
16" x 18" x 8"
sculpture, hanging sculpture, suspended sculpture, felt, dye, sew, stitch, gold thread, landscape, gold, floating landscape
Felt, dye, thread, cotton fabric, suspended from ceiling with monofilament.
20" x 30" x 11"
indigo, felt, dye, ink, sculpture, ladders, architecture, floating architecture, floating sculpture, suspended sculpture, fibers, textiles. sew, stitch, repitition
Felt, indigo ink, thread
26" x 43" x 3"
temple, gold, gold leaf, wood, sculpture, wood sculpture, stacked sculpture, beeswax
Wood, felt, beeswax, gold leaf
5' x 12" x 20"
sculpture, landscape, felt, sticking, clay, plastic dome, conceptual art, textile, fiber
Felt, dye, thread, faux fur, plastic dome, air dry porcelain clay, suspended with monofilament.
26" x 20" 13"
Sculpture, fiber, Plum Gallery, St. Augustine, Florida
Felt, dye, thread, pins
26" x 19" x 3", hangs approx. 3' from floor