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"They speak of whole societies and complex processes rather than individual events, and tell of the world for which they were made, as well as of the later periods which reshaped or relocated them, sometimes having meanings far beyond the intention of their original makers. It is the things humanity has made, these meticulously shaped sources of history and their often curious journeys across centuries and millennia, which A History of the World in 100 Objects tries to bring to life." - excerpt from the Introduction, Neil MacGregor, Director of The British Museum

ceramic, faux fur, wax, sculpture, textile, fiber, beads
Ceramic, paint, faux fur, wax, beads
11" x 8" x 7"
Ceramic, faux fur, wax, beads
11" x 8" x 7"
sculpture, fiber, clay, thread, bum wad paper, pillows, sewing, stitching
Bumwad paper, thread, air dry porcelain clay
apron. 6" x 9" x 1" each
sculpture, fiber, clay
Felt, ink, thread, air dry porcelain clay
30" x 2"x 2"