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Relationships with the land can be deeply romantic. Sensual observations of a time and space draw upon feelings of wonder and fulfillment. Our connection with the land has influenced an array of decisions that range from personal awareness to social and cultural conflicts of power.

At a young age I lived in the northeast; the cold sensation of snow down the sleeve of my winter coat, dodging inch worms hanging from trees, the scent of a pile of raked leaves. Still young, my family relocated to a city of bayous on the coast of Florida: humidity so thick you could swim through it, salt air, watching and listening to dolphins swim. Later in life, as an adult, I relocated to Colorado and experienced a different relationship with the land: the quiet and stillness of a snowfall, a valley illuminated with light. Florida was flat, and although vast, I seemed to be on top of the landscape, in control of it. When in the Rocky Mountains I was diminished, surrounded by the landscape.

sculpture, hanging sculpture, suspended sculpture, felt, dye, sew, stitch, gold thread, landscape, gold, floating landscape
Felt, dye, thread, cotton fabric, suspended from ceiling with monofilament.
20" x 30" x 11"
sculpture, landscape, felt, sticking, clay, plastic dome, conceptual art, textile, fiber
Felt, dye, thread, faux fur, plastic dome, air dry porcelain clay, suspended with monofilament.
26" x 20" 13"
sculpture, yarn, felt, silver leaf, steel, textiles, air dry porcelain clay
Fabric, yarn, air dry porcelain clay, silver leaf, felt, wood, paint, steel
72" x 12" x 37"
sculpture, felt, dye, stitching, sewing, textile, wood, steel, landscape
Felt, dye, thread, faux fur, pins, wood, steel
72" x 15" x 37"
sculpture, map, fiber, stitch, sew, desert, landscape, trade routes, gold
Felt, ceramic, wax, thread, wood, steel
72" x 15" x 37"
Sculpture, fiber, Plum Gallery, St. Augustine, Florida
Felt, dye, thread, pins
26" x 19" x 3", hangs approx. 3' from floor