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Low clouds create a ceiling. Open blue sky says no limits: infinity. Rain is a space moving through a larger space. Ancient civilizations were mystified by changes in the atmosphere. They assigned gods to rationalize the phenomenon and later used their senses to predict weather patterns. I am fascinated by these complex sensual systems that function as both tangible and non-tangible experience.

My fascination with the weather is rooted in my childhood. My father had a wonderful habit of watching the weather. When a storm was rolling in he would set up his lawn chair in the yard and survey the sky. I remember watching him, watch the landscape. This experience left a deep impression on me. Those moments of “watching” provided experiences of visual observation and elevated other senses: the scent of water mixing with the earth during rainfall, the eerie sound of howling wind, the claustrophobic feel of an extremely humid day.

Watching Rain From Caves
Felt, dye, cotton and silk thread
3' x 4'
Driving South
Felt, ink, thread
14" x 19"
felt, dye, stitch, sewing, dye, fiber, textile, weather
Felt, dye, thread, gold pins
15" x 18"
faux fur, tea, charcoal, mixed media, black clouds, weather, landscape
Charcoal, ink, tea, velvet on paper
6" x 8" each
Seed Cloud
Paint, fabric, silk thread, air dry porcelain clay
11" x 14"
Seed Cloud